SONY px370 voice recorder

Easily record meetings, lectures and more in high-quality audio with this Digital Voice Recorder. The simple-to-use interface makes it easy to find old recordings, while the built-in USB connector lets you plug into a PC. Auto Voice Rec reduces background noise so you can always hear what’s being said.Record MP3 audio quickly and simply

SONY px370 voice recorder
SONY px370 voice recorder

The 4GB memory stores up to 59hrs35m of recording (MP3 128kbps stereo) or up to 159 Hrs RECORDING TIME MP3 48KBPS (MONAURAL) and extend that by far using an SD card (Not included). Long battery life enables up to 57hrs recording (MP3 128kbps stereo) with one set of batteries .

Optimized Voice Rec reduces ambient noise for clearer recordings.Scene Select lets you optimise settings for music, meetings and more

Unit has a built in sliding USB stick so you can conveniently connect to you PC/Laptop

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